Life is who you are, it’s how they are,
Permanently we will die as we are.
There are some things which we turn to ask, because of envy.
It is what you have and what you’re doing, though some get thirsty.
Remember it’s all about the two roads, we can’t travel both,
Forget not that satanic and godly mind on the road.
What if we were all at church, never to be poor?

Never say life is so cruel, there’s no life without you and the company.
Forget not to be strong, there you will be running to the sky, be impatient

That will push you beyond your limits. Bear in mind
It’s beauty in the struggle but ugliness in the success.
Never die from “What they will say?” Because it is how they are.
Never mind the fall but mind the gap of life.

Let your ugly face be beautified by the stars,
Because fine wines come from fine leaves,
Grab your ass off the ground, life is not all about them,
Only you can cast a stone in a river to make waves.
Let them chase you whereas you chase the paper.
That’s what we call life.