She’s always written her heart out.
When a heartbroken lover
Pours out all her feelings
And translates them into vivid pictures.
Something beautiful gets created.
Appreciated by many but never the one it’s meant for.

I knew you once long ago.
You shared your secrets and I also told you mine.
It was very nice and beautiful.
Silence comfy but we didn’t have to try…
Where did you go.

From his lips.
I believed his deceitful manner.
His charisma, it was alluring.
My mistake was loving you too hard.
My regret was never telling you
That I needed love back.

Losing you felt like having hold of the world in my palms.
Letting it slip from my grasp…
Suppose I’ll never know how is feels to hold you again.

I am not staying.
I take the blame again.
I’ve got blood on my hands.
Pressure to understand what I did.

You’ve always been right.
I tend to forget.
I will not bother or make that mistake again.
Still my breathing bothers you.
My mind troubles me.
Comfort is scary.

This silence hurts me
It can be loud like ocean waves.
The sound of your thoughts utterly isolated from my eyes.
I love you.
But love doesn’t want me alive.
I can’t live up to what you thought I could be.
That’s why I am sending this wave of emotions into page.
That you may never forget me in your memories.
I’ve tried but I failed in every endeavor.
Words and love failed me.