The nation is crying
We lost hope
We lost belief
We are just lost souls
That seek mercy

Whoever thought one day the world would stop..?
I’m not talking about the country, I’m talking about the world
Whoever thought one day the schools, churches and shops would be closed..?
Whoever thought a day would come
Where the masks control our movements
Whoever thought one day there would be a disease called COVID-19..?

No one because we as the nation never experienced something big like this
But pointing fingers at each other won’t help anything
Now a lot of people ask themselves

What is a Covid19..?
I as the god-fearing girl
Believe Jesus Christ created COVID-19 intentionally
Just for us as the nation to stand together to help one another
To support each other
He wanted us to stop killing each other
He sent COVID-19 for us as the nation to support one another
He wanted to show us that he’s alive

COVID-19 may have taken precious souls
May have caused pain to the nation
But it has also brought peace and support
Today we as the nation, we kneel down together and we call his name
We are calling him to have mercy on us
And indeed he will have mercy on us
Let us just sing
If You Believe And I Believe The World Will Be Safe