I badly want to be normal,
Change my bipolar traits to everyday happiness,
Find ways to destress
But then I’ve found my strength at the wrongest of places
And here I am breaking down into pieces.
And oh I forgot…I am a MESS!

As I lie on my bed reflecting on my life,
I feel strange like way too numb.
Am I still alive?
Am I still in my body?
I say…
Listen to my tears that are rolling on my cheeks,
Aren’t they louder than a dog’s bark,
Or rather should I say thunderstorms?

My heart is carrying a heavy load
And there you are racking your brains to
Desert me and find someone better than me abroad
Without putting into consideration
How devastated I am at this point.

I’m failing at everything,
I kept sanity in a drawer and I’ve been
Searching for it without luck of finding it.
I’m gasping for breath,
I’m becoming way too hopeless.
Don’t I deserve felicity for a moment?

My wrists can’t take it any more,
And I’ve tried by all means to ignore few things
But what if I reach a point where I won’t
Be able to endure anything once more?
Does that mean I’ll be a failure
As my battle against depression would’ve swallowed me up?

I’ve made up my mind to get help,
And even if no opportunity is up for a grasp
I won’t trade my sanity for temporary claps
As I am worth more than dejection