What if we knew who was made for us? Would love be great?
I for one, think not. I’m old school. I believe easy come, easy go
What if we reach an impasse? What would we strive to rekindle?
Truth is, you won’t pull up an effort for something you didn’t fight for

I think finding love to be hard is what makes love fruitful
Imagine fighting for something that means the world to you
Something you invested your undivided attention in
Something that made you crazy, in a good way. Like smiling at its thought

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s all think about this
Imagine your partner, the one and only who’s been down with you
Through thick and thin, stuck by you even when rumours were the centre of your relationship
Then suddenly, their partner, who’s made for them, snatches them from you

Would you sit by, watch as your supposed lover falls into the arms of their made partner?