What if I wasn’t black?
Would I still believe in carrying a school bag?
Would  I still burn tyres and destroy just before my voice is heard?
Would  I blame everything on the past depression I had?
Would I have a degree but still be a gardener struggling to find

What if I was the president?
Would I be able to impress the whole country?
Would I give away freedom or inspire the poor how to be free?
Would I be quiet and hold all that doesn’t belong to

Would I bring change or would I let it continue to be?
What if I won a lotto ticket?
Would a friend turn to be an enemy and an enemy turn to be a
Would new faces in my pocket be the ones to stick a hand?
Would I still chase my dreams or would this mean the end?

What if I had to choose my birth?
Would I choose to be born from a broken womb?
World a poor woman ever hold a fruit?
Would it be only the rich that give birth?
Would poverty ever strike earth?
Would there be any child starving to death?

What if death didn’t exist?
What if I didn’t have to eat?
What if I couldn’t bleed?
What if there was no disease?
What if there was no hate?

What if we spoke one language?
What if we were not divided?
What if there was no money?
What if I could speak to God face to face?
What if… is a question I ask myself every day