I’m in a placed mixed with every different race
I have to chase my dreams with a grinder to plant all the wires
Here out of space God is looking me in the face
While I spill fuel on microphones and light it on fire
I’m the son of a preacher and my life got richer
By going to church and listening to bible scriptures

What’s my fixture today I got to go to work
Play against the floor scrubbing, mopping as a cleaner
Your room has blinds but it got a little deemer
The devil came to visit he heard Jesus say you’re a believer
He who is in heaven can never be bought by gold or silver
How can I spend all my money just to sleep with a diva?

At home you’ll find me alone with my headphones
As long as I can hear the beat
I just want tp shut my eyes
Picturing myself in a place that nobody knows
Where I’m the star in the show
Successful in the path I choose
The stone went through the window with a note attatched
It says, “evil rules for all of you good folks will be fetched”

While you stressed feeling depressed
The undertaker’s watching the heirs
Thinking the day you die will come never knowing that it has
Please pray
Inspired by on the corner by common
Site recite on site as I shout the words take flight
I hear the fight I see the quarrel no death warrant
Because the light shines bright
In search to read faces
Only jargon and slang is the camouflage

Got the juice like please set me at ease why
If I was raised stuff all the tools
I may hurt you in disguise
This ain’t no payback
I layback thank God I fell back and came back home wise

The speech was given to me at birth
Got the gift she be checking up telling all kinds of lies
How can I be a summary of nouns gave to relative psyche
Un patch the pumpkin because the roots are the wrong cables

That said she made me sad messing with that dude named goodbye
I ain’t laughing and I think I’m deaf from all the hate and hunger
You’ll be surprised giving out presents never given back not even a little piece of a queen cake
Got happiness from someone I never bought anything for not even a cheese cake
Love is fake?

Man ask the folly why the soil beat box doowap
Hip hop lifts up my poem picking stones at the beach no shooting star to make a wish
Taxi drive preach so I restore conversation in that session I wasn’t homeless
No homework I’m always outside at night because I’m jobless?
I still have my life oh!
God bless