Future leaders
Future stars
What happened to you?
You were the dreamers
You were the hard workers

What has changed?
You have turned out to be monsters
You befriended drugs, especially weed
You have made weed your culture, your family
You are now drunkards

Doing sleep overs
Partying every day, even on school days
Weed and alcohol is not the future

Girls are money tricks
Fall pregnant every day
Is it money that impregnates you?
Who would have thought teenage pregnancy
would be a competition in our rainbow nation?

What happened to those days
when the youth respected their elders?
What happened to that well-behaved youth?
Money, alcohol and drugs, how dare you
change the way we live!

It hurts to see a twelve-year-old walking down the street drunk
It hurts to see a group of boys smoking weed on a school uniform
It hurts to see a teenage girl walking to school
with her belly pushing out in front of her

No wonder this has happened
to those kids with bright futures,
the ones with big dreams.