What do they (then) think
one stooped aunty to another
a Christel House matriculant
in their sights

(roughly decoded from
Afrikaaps to Englikaaps)

in their sights
he made the grade
(medicine is next)
their school now speaks
the language of distinctions

the language of distinctions
on a street where you live
Hanover Park this time
following Manenberg’s
Anushqah van der Ventel

Nathan Daniels too has
six distinctions not six
tattoos not six descendants
with six of everything
that is the Hanover Park
you’ve come to hear of

(a place where bullets fly
and nothing ever flowers)

Does poverty equal
poverty of the intellect

Does he have the education
will get me out of the ghetto blues

What do they (then) think
their results put them on par
with some of the country beloved’s
best private schools
(we have private in a democracy)

What do they (then) think
Who do they think they are
Wherever they are

“Local pupil achieves top marks at Christel House” (People’s Post Lansdowne, 12 January 2016). Their beaming principal is the proprietor of “the language of distinctions” phrase.