The wise court of the land in the hands of the king
Thought out or assayed matters prior to declaring decisions
Deliberated and delivered rulings after much reasoning
Future appointees started out as guests to a banquet
Wine, women, and treats were spread like a carpet
A candidate’s indulgence wrote a true report as to how he meddles
Those aspiring to enter service overcame these hurdles
Touched not the forbidden, entertained wine a little

In the modern, the panel appeals to a face meeting
Of a row of three seats and a bowl of sweets
Never settle for that one in the middle, defer left
Else by treating yourself to much you’re declaring a meadow
Raising eyebrows your ambition is as a sickle
Conversation’s served with foul jests just to assess
Your tastes and if you tickle then giggle
It’s an epitaph that you’re a clown act unfit for a title
‘Shizzle my nizzle’ we’re riddles revealing what we’re into