Criminality is defined as an illegal act
It gives birth to corruption and is watered by anarchy
It used to be a serious offense,
Bearing and waging to salty punishment.

Lately, it is used as the only way to prosperity
And in all sectors of life is implemented,
It produces bribery so to get basic qualifications;
Criminality has no sympathy and
Criminals are the most successful individuals.

They’re mostly protected by courts of laws
Lawyers are compensated so to hide the truth
Criminals are the winners of life due to wealth
I wonder how shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation?

Professionalism is seen to be over-powered by fraudulence activities
Drug dealers are well-honored by professionals,
Due to lack of wealth, righteous individuals have no say
Lawlessness is among our government, and
This is more than a misery life.