When I smoke weed
Contemplation of my death
Comes more than twice in a second
Or a quarter off
I sit and fuss

When I smoke weed
Recitations to depart this earth
Do not visit my thought
Are in head
Maybe not once off

As I sit and fuss
I spliff the pass
I smoke weed
When it is need
I roll-off
And puff and pass
Seated down my ass

Minds sharp as an ace
For weed killing me softly
In its pipe I puff and pass
Lies that come untruly
True one day I die
Construction for my death

Never does
When I become death
Not a priest may come
Never will you mention god or gods
Never will you bring that black holy book

That white holy one
When I become death
Never put me on this earth
I am no plant
I grew, groaned and groomed
And pray and prayed
And made seeds of my own

That I call mine alone
As I smoke weed
I have, too, ate the weeds
When I am dead
As I have prey
Let my head
Rest under the gumtree
Let the wild-hogs
Prey a happily feast
For I have died

Oh Mother Nature
You mothered
Let me be
A mother to nature
Mother land