Roses are red
Violets are blue
and I’m in love
with you

I’m not perfect
anyway there’s no one is perfect in this world

Oh, yes I’ve made
Because I’m human

Yes, I’ve met
different kinds
of people,
I’ve fallen in love
with them

They have broken
my heart &
I regret that
Let’s leave the past,

Let’s focus on
our future,
You are the one
that I love

Please make me
the happiest woman ever
Please allow me
To soften up your heart sometimes

Please also allow me to hurt your heart sometimes
never leave me
during an argument

Let’s solve our
‘You are my downfall, my muse& my rhythm& blues
You’re my ending
& my beginnings’
‘There would be no Soprano without a bass
That means
there would be no Me without You