I was born in 1995 after real heroes were futile
Biko died
I live in an era where our struggle is
Knife stabs
Gun shots
Gangs causing mayhem day and night
No future is still bright
It is now ripe
We ride and we die young
We were ruptured from umbilical cords
To evolve into dangerous species
Fatal scoot driver stabs
Satan worshipers kill at schools
This is a prayer for infants to stay infants
For embryos to remain in the uterus and stay a foetuses
Cause life outside is dangerous
We were told we were born free
But we still struggle
We walk in alleys with
Magnified visions
Si-free phi?
When our minds
When society has become
Our own prison

I was born and grew up
In a hostile Kasi
Where we all thought we were free
Till we grew up
Saw things beyond our mothers’
We thought we knew better
Than them
Because these are our times
We committed crimes
Become part of gangs
Found dragon balls then transformed
Wanted to listen to our minds
Than our hearts
Till they started bleeding
The brothers and sisters we grew to knew
Turned against us then we
Were afraid of each other
We stopped bleeding and living for one
Hunger and soulful poverty
Turned us to cannibals
Heartless species devouring each other
For a living
We stopped praying
We started playing dreams
We had in pre-school seemed bogus
That we all lost focus
No one loved us
The new generation
Corrupted by ilokishi neTv
We are lost beyond
A while untamed City
That has no conscious at all
Were told we were born free but we still struggle
We walk in alleys with magnified visions
Si-free phi?
When our minds, when our society
Has become our own prison

Then mass weapons were free for infants to toy with
Naïve breeds who just saw and felt power
When holding a thunder in their hands
Because of that I have lost so many friends
Gunned down for ludicrous reasons
Or none at all

Mbo was a brother to me
He shielded me
I was never afraid
He fathered Imange and left him young
He fell like a soldier and died like a gangster
But he was neither
His sin was being born in the kasi edge
For being a son of the soil
For being tall and strong
I do not know why they
Killed Phumeza so cruelly
She was a lesbian and open about it
Then she was gunned down
With this one I plead
Let us go back to living
For each other
Cause we’re black and have the same blood
No matter if society stirred us apart
It is time we stood up and faced love
It just needs us
With no blood on our hands
So please brothers and sisters
Do not kill us
Do not rape us
Just love us and hug us
Young children are pleading too
With this one

We were told we born free
But we still struggle
We walk in alleys with magnified visions
Si-free phi?
When our minds and society
Has become our own prison…