Shelf bound with my dusty companions
In pathways, a-mazed in insight
We whisper tales, stories and the who’s and what’s for dummies,
In a quest to open minds with our literate delight

Shelf bound with my dusty companions
We wait …
The hands accompanied by hungry minds,
Sleepy eyeballs,
Heeding the call for habits promoted by heavy input

Sometimes unattained knowledge lies deep within the lines of time
Adapting to different vessels of output –
None better than us,
Simple guards of information
Embedded onto sheets, which you call pages,
But are the life-force of all

We wait to entice the ignorant,
The, Illiterate, the well-read,
Souls to journey forth into reasons
For existence, its true purpose in this world
And beyond…

We are callers,
Messengers set to tame unmarked imagination
From the depths of all make-believe,
We wait…