We say thank you
for some reason
or the other

We cross over
me and a comrade-past
the light in our favour
at a pedestrian crossing

We say thank you
he remarks wistfully
at our South Africanism

or is it the state
of the world
all over

where journalists
are held ransom
are harassed
are tortured
and knocked off
for their work

We say thank you
for reaching the other side
safely and in one piece
vehicles actually stopped
and gave us the right

like politicians who reckon
we should be thankful
to them and their ilk
for their existence
(bow and scrape we must)

not to mention
the free party T-shirt
(where was it made)
and maybe a free lunch
when they are elected
and soon after evaporate

We say thank you
for the mere act
of crossing the road