My communication is often far too inadequate
Language is a barrier if you think of it as latent
Walking, colliding, falling into apology
Hands raised with a headshake saying
‘Accident’ all over my face
Hand raised with a headshake saying
I have a question as I disagree with your statement

Our perceptions, perspectives, perplexed situations
Blow away the umbrella needing to arch our understanding
The rain falls every drop in opposition to your point of view
The increased precipitation blocks us both from the truth
And without that initial cover, we don’t wait for clouds to clear
We just scrap any idea of bridges bringing us near

Let’s let that hooked edge take a grip of our attitudes
They desire interjection, often further rejection
But how about we stick around even though the spokes jab our egos
Allow it to open up our hearts and lead to reconciliation
“The rain wets you too even with our misunderstandings?
We may be different but I could walk the bridge if you do.”