All they are for is rat race.
Giving your heart is not good because they squash it,
They envy you when you start hitting it.

Live for yourself and keep making it,
I know it will break their smile and you will see frenemies.
You didn’t create those, they really aren’t your people,
Rise up and shine, also be happy about your failures
And celebrate them while they blame you for them,
You know what, those niggers aren’t at your back.
Forget trust, don’t think that for everyone who means a lot to you,
You also mean lot to them.
Be genuine, and be keen on your own dreams,
I know they will drain you,
But for their blame, don’t be lame;
Grab your own game by being real.

Be fearless,
When they don’t clap hands,
Just know they are clapping them for you inside.
Let your thoughts be fans for you,
Don’t let your mind diminish your own value:
Be positive.