We do the normal
we three
out yonder
at the local

making words for
the enjoyment thereof
for our very own

might that not be
a wondrous word
to scrabble with)

We do the normal
there is no need
for to burble or opine
over certain words
my mom never learned me

certain words such as
qi oo zo za os ou
gu ky ee ef mu
wo xi and zori too

those serious scrabblers
have a wordlist that has
these seeming cuss-words
car number plates maybe
that they swear by

(imagine those words
deployed at schools
where literacy levels
are not to be sneezed at)

We three just scrabble
away non-competitively
and pleasantly too

playing zoo not zo
sour not ou
instead of ky my

We do the normal

(I do some scrabble with 2 other youngsters, out Lansdowne Library way.)