Like dementors they feed on my emotions
Their poisonous words pierce my heart
Hatred engraved on my smile
Like a plague they invade our lives
Barefoot into the night we depart
In search of happiness we shall not find

Through tall enclosed boarders we pass
Sad lullabies echoing through the night
Painful memories sketched in our hearts
Each tear a reflection of life’s pain inflicted on our innocent souls
As portraits of our lost brothers and sisters hang upon decaying walls
Hope nothing but a dream
With no map our only destination freedom

Our lives a piece of paper with a faint picture
A name and a date of birth
In a new strange place we search for home
Labelled nobodies; we fight to be somebodies
Everyday a struggle to survive
In search of freedom, in search of love
In search of happiness, in search of a place called home

we are Aliens
we are Immigrants
we are Refugees
we are new in a strange place