It is a wonder, how many pairs,
Each one of us really has.
Whether there are still shops,
Having many for us to own?
Yet we do not buy these shoes,
We just have them, own them and wear them.
At a step we walk with them,
Yet the number of footsteps we cannot count.
As we walk with them
We aim at getting,
Yet the distance of our reach is of limit.
Always pretending as if they fit us too well,
Yet inside of them, we know clearly
That we are either wearing,
A size bigger than us if not smaller
As if they make us look good,
But in them we are not enjoying,
These shoes we wear every day.
They not of our size,
Nor are they what we really want,
Yet in this shop we all have them.
We wear shoes, every day of our lives,
Without knowing the reason why,
Of which some of them,
We wear ourselves,
Of which some of them,
We are given them.
These shoes we wear,
Sometimes they have no shoe strings
Some are boots, heavy to walk with.
Some are high heels, we fail to tolerate them,
As they lift us high.
Others are slippers, we feel comfortable in them.
Others are sandals, we cannot hide in them.
Some are clogs, we are noisy in them.
Others are flip-flops, slippery for us.
While others are wedges, we find our balance.
These shoes we wear.
They cannot best describe us with colour,
They cannot better identify us by design,
They cannot show us in sizes,
These shoes we wear!

We are wearing shoes,
In everyday of our lives
Though we not walking on them
We still wearing them
Some of which are borrowed
Some of which we borrow
Of which the price the price we pay for them,
It is of no cost to charge
These shoes we wear.
They are either for us
Against us, or for us
Heavy on us, if not too much for us.
But still, we wear them.

After all,
We all wearing shoes,
Of different sizes yes,
Yet we all still fit in the same size!
These shoes we wear.