When I hear the word ‘Xeno’ I become scared.
And when I hear ‘bia’ I think about all fellow Africans.
We are all the same.
We bleed the same blood.
Why can’t we love each other like brother and sister?

You will never hear a guy from Nigeria calling you names.
Instead he will salute you.
And say ‘Hello my brother/sister, do you mind if I help you with your staff?’
Let us not support the bullies.
We are all black.
We are all Africans

Don’t say they are here to take your jobs
Because you cannot work for a R100 a day.
And they can work for as little as R20.
They are here to survive not to be killed.
Not all of them are here to supply drugs.

Love counts,
Care counts,
Remember we are all one and black.
They worked with uTata Rolihlahla Mandela
They helped us bring FREEDOM,