You told me everything is alright
but hey I was not born last night.
My eyes shine brighter than a strobe light
and you know that right?

Remember that day you said you were home
but I saw you on the street you were not alone.
You held him close and kissed his neck
I`m your boyfriend….what the hell?
I cried and cried, trying to understand why you lied.
I can’t see how you could bring me so many tears
after all these years.
Pack your bags and leave before new years eve.
My cellphone is switched off don’t call me, just back off.
I`m not going to stress over you anymore.

Like said I did before,
some people are not meant to be together.
But that doesn’t mean that you will be lonely forever.
Every time I closed my eyes I think of you and all your lies
You played me from the very start,
took advantage and broke my heart.
You never meant any word you said,
you just messed around with my head.
You hurt me in the worst way and in my heart, this pain will stay.
At first, I thought it was meant to be but all it was….was a misery

I hope that next time you learn from your mistakes.
It’s hard for me to let go but it’s the only way I know
to spare you from suffering and to save my heart from dying.
Goodbye, my love and be happy.
I will be fine you have nothing to worry.
Take his hand and you will see that I was never your destiny