It doesn’t have to end this way
this love was never meant to fail
Now you want to walk away
I swear I want you to stay
Brocken bottles everywhere,
we keep on fighting everyday
I can never live this way,
this love is taking all I have.

Angels and paradise,
that is what I was dreaming of
We were flying like a butterfly
we didn’t even reach the sky
I’m sick and tired of your lies
I wish I never saw your eyes
You are the one I dream about
but I have to let go of us

When this thing is over
I promise I won’t cry
This isn’t working
no matter how we try

You are the preacher
and I’m the sinner
You are the winter
and I’m the summer
Together we ain’t perfect
You are a curse and I’m a blessing

This isn’t working
we are better off apart