Where do I belong?
Which country should I call home?
I swallow insults every day
They shower me with names
My colour troubles them
I have been showered with insults
I have been told, I don’t belong here
I was born and raised in this country
I call this continent my home
The only continent I know
My grandparents were born and groomed in this country
Which country should I call home?
I consider myself a citizen of this country
Allow me to exercise my rights, for, I am a citizen
My heart bleeds, for a moment when I cry out at night
Why would someone treat me like this?
Like I am nobody,
When God created humans in his own image,
But still I maintain peace.
When will we have peace in our land?
Where are true leaders to intervene?
Where do I deepen my skin, so I can look like them?
I want to be accepted as part of the citizens
Allow me to vote in peace
Allow me to protest
My skin colour troubles them
Where do I go from here?
This is the only continent I know as home
For, I call it home
I never asked for violence
My sin, I am caught in histories
Histories, I never created
I was not there
I never oppressed anyone
Accept me for who I am
Oh! Allow me to be
For, I am a citizen