You left without a goodbye
I thought it was a dream
I thought it was my imagination
Was it true?
But pain really hurts
I feel so weak
Can’t even explain it
I feel lost but why?
Memories keep coming
And so the tears

I hear your voice little do I
Know it’s my thoughts playing with me
It keeps playing me
I cannot start over all because
I don’t know where to start
I guess that’s what happens
When someone breaks
your heart

You’ve hurt me so many times
but I always come back to you,
Back to pain
Nothing has changed
You still the same
You said you would never
Let go
That is what I don’t understand
So many times

So many promises you made
And more of them broken
Lost and confused feels
Like am chocking
I feel lost
All because of you
I am lost and confused
I wish you were lost without me too.