People are killing each other
Forgetting their tomorrow.
Children are on drugs
Forgetting their future.
Life can be sad at times
Full of heartbreaks, sorrows and sadness.
But we ain’t soldiers
Peace runs through our hearts
And war rages on regardless.

I was stripped of my self-worth
Layer by layer until there was nothing left of me.
The pain and struggle was real yet
I never forgot the brave girl that lived inside me.
At times I find myself asking is the struggle real
And the answer is yes, yes the struggle is real
But war rages on regardless and pain is for the pathetic.

Behind bruises and pain
Is where I used to hide but I say no more hiding
A young one should be able to look at an old face
With no fear and light hand should be able to touch
The dark because pain is for the pathetic
And war rages on regardless