She lives on a picture and in her grave
She’s not rested. I put on a nice suit
Admired by thousands and none of
Them knew or understood the real me.

If only the knew that my heart is cut
In two pieces with pain of Niles in each
Piece. Yet my face decorated a smile,
While beneath I cry no tears, cause my
Eyes contain crack vines.

The past still lives in me every time I
Walk on the street seeing a children
Not appreciating their mother, I break
down feeling the insults moving in
My head.

You see her picture is properly painted
And yet scars are never sealed. She was
Only 15 years when she lay on a hospital
bed giving birth to me.

She had no home neither hope, because
She had no parents as she lived in her
Cousins store room , who rejected her

She had no choice but give her in
Between. To rich devilish monsters
who enslaved her for a night exchanging
her each and every day like a useless
Horse,just for her to pay my school bills.

I was young to see the truth and yet not
Too young to see the pain. Her body got
Weak and her soul was about to kick in
She could not match any price to be
bought once more by the night riders.

I could see pain flowing in her skinny
Boney body. The last time I saw her
Was when she said”nelson my child
mama will always love you” I was
Sent away to college for three years
Graduated as a lawyer.

I came back home only to realise that
She had left. Buried in a grave cause
She had sold her lungs to pay my
School bills.

Each and every time I kneel on her grave
Watering her grave-roses with my tears.
She lives on a picture and in her grave
She’s unrest.