Do not rush when you are walking on cracks
Let every step count as you breathe fear out of your chest
Be not ordinary but a warrior that takes every challenge as a
Stop and take a sigh as you think of your next steps
I know you must be asking, why me?

But we walk different roads and out of each the destiny is a
Place to rest,
Do not consider your self-cursed when you’re walking on

For perseverance is the mother of success
Only fools try to run on cracks
For they lack patience they always fall in traps
A wise man steps like the surface is made of eggs when
Walking on cracks

No one shall say the road for me was easy if you ask
But behind every success there is always a story to tell
Remember that every situation forever isn’t meant to last
But forever within your muscles it leaves the strength that
Forever lasts
Every situation is the beginning of a new experience
Do not rush when you’re walking on cracks