Happiness is not what I am feeling now
because out of pain I am writing,
From our pool of love I was drinking
Obstreperously, now I’m whining,
because for our love I’m grinding.

Why is our love wrapped with pain?
Is it because of the distance between us
That seems so infinite metres apart?
Is it the load of work that disallow me
The chance to sit down and cry about it?
That the thought of closing the distance
Assails the joy our love should create.

Well since every cloud has a silver lining
I am willing to cover the distance
From nadir to zenith,
Though it will cost me an arm & a leg,
I am willing to give more (if not all)
You know my method to madness.

One thing’s for sure
I know I will never die for you,
Because I am already living for you!