For the voice that faded unheard
For the truth hiding in a smile
And ignorance behind the beard
For the journey that lasted for a mile

With this poem I speak for the ignored
I don’t write because I’m bored
But I echo the voices unheard
I hear the screams in my head
And the pain is felt in my heart

I speak for those who wish
But like a rock their bodies
Are slowly turning to sand
Those who never got to say their final words
For they were tied,
Their mouths wrapped with a gag.

I speak for those that have just taken their first steps
But were never given the chance to travel the world
Those who just murmured their first words
But were never given the chance to debate

I say to the men who look at them with lust
With these words may your desires combust
Don’t let your sensual greed
Dismantle their dignity