Dear Love

Tonight, I observe beyond my eyesight
They say seeing is believing
I say seeing is God, not religion
A belief is without interpretation
Since language is man made

My brown eyes show me 7 colours
Like a Sunday dinner plate
They show me chakras
They show me inhale your energy
They show you exhale my energy
Yet it comes right back to your heart
Like the reflection when I look through your eyes

You can see me, yet I’m not there
I can see you, yet you’re not here
So can we share the same thought while we’re at it? Nice!

Imagine green, nature and some pink and white for the flowers
Bright, like how you would imagine heaven like you’ve seen it
Now you see it
Now you see me
Of course from your perspective
We are holding hands
Brown leaves falling
Sprinkles from the waterfall drizzling
Wind, blowing
Misty, snowing
And you hear me say,

โ€˜I know this ain’t real
But a good dream since you feel no fear
Dreams fade but the part you’ll remember is this here
Not too deep to make you shed a tear
But I love you dear
The end is near
But only of this dream
Coz when I wake up I’ll see you clear
And hold you tight, say cheers
Coz the way I’m scared to lose you
This might turn to a nightmare.โ€™

Your love