Murder has become a game to bet,
A game that leaves some flooded in tears,
It has become lifetime routine among my peers.
The strongest rock I have ever seen has melted,
Murder case has depreciated into wax,
It turns out that one or two days of persecution is enough for a stolen soul.

Among scholars, bullying is work of fame.
Among junkies, robbery is a fun game,
Among husbands, rape is a game of satisfaction and power,
Among business, murder or corruption is a shortcut to success.
Among general people, violence is a norm.

There are those who are always victims,
Women have been victimised by rape and abuse,
They are the best quality punching-bag to relieve stress,
Abuse creates amusement among the masculine, daily pleased by tears.
When justice is expected to take its course,
Financial power, the superman of all, takes over the course.

Think of the lives destroyed by power,
Remember the people executed and persecuted by greed,
Tears drown the success and happiness that is naturally ours.
Celebrations and victories have faded away like dust.

The joy of nowadays is stinking like blood and tears.
Take a glimpse of your footprint from where you came, filthy.
Human smell like blood of another, not even remorseful,
Red is everyone’s favourite liquid for fun view.
Evolution has taken its course, man evolved into vampires
Extinction of righteous men and peace is knocking.