It’s life after life,
Diseases are playing forward,
mankind too.
Rivers are flooded with the blood of innocent souls,
Seas are waving with tears of tragedies
Hearts have bones now
And thousands of them are broken.
Are we really the enemies of life?
Are we really that confused?
Our world is colourful enough, red is not part of it,
Our lands are beautiful in green and blue, still red is not part of it.
Beggars are not choosers,
But we beg to breath,
Cheeks are now running rivers,
Cage the beast in you, oh man,
Why split blood?
How I wish I could take back the hands of time to where we were all innocent,
Innocence has left them with millions of cents that bought our souls.
They say, there’s life after death, we die just to live and we live just to die.
Don’t be too confused, they say we are of clay, but we drip blood,
We are of play.
What if mountains are fossils of sleeping giants,
What if they didn’t kill us, that’s a big ‘WHAT IF’.
Let’s run after the sun so that this day can never end – breathe child, breathe.