Vat en set is done because of half different coming.
Doers never worry about consequence, neither the warning.
At cities is no longer a secret
It is not motivated by the culture
It is far apart from both culture and its roots.
Consequence wives and children are heated by lazy gumboots.

It is mostly tested by youth.
In the cold night wearing those icy hoods.
They fight with their parents in the stage of childhood.
After teenager stage, they are thrown by men like dry brownish wood.

They are dry like tree
They will blame their families
They won’t want other young females.

The mental is change by the whitish gown.
Vat en set doers start to look down.

Our place is perfect for marriage
It doesn’t even attract wild ill-discipline carriages.
The is sense of ownership in our nature
Spending nice time in the near future.

Once a commotion of a whitish gown.
Vat en set is guilty.
The whitish are given crown.