His words are in my mind
His picture’s in my heart
His voice always in my mind
The music he plays always seems to cross my mind.

I know that every heart-break, he has,
Beats in my heart
The fragrance he wears,
And his aroma, never seem to go away

When somebody says his name,
I blush
I daydream about yena
It just might be true-love.

The places where we met
Never seem to change and are in my mind
They seem so special
Ilizwi lakhe lijikelezisa nje inqondo yam.

The way he used to kiss me,
The way he touched meh
And the fact that he never forced me to do something I never wanted,
And understood that I was and still am a virgin.

His name is engraved in my heart.
Every moment even the worst are special memories.
Every moment we spent together and the things we did are special.
I miss him