I have to note, have to note
Before it all races out of my head,
And its message becomes void.
Numbing will be my voice
When all the words have lost their punch,

And I finally get that pinch,
A declaration that my destination is reached.
Before I get that realization let me note.

Give me that canvas, I got the colours.
I will paint different shades.
Even when they would
Normally clash, I will make them match.

I disregard any objection.
Let me note, with no clear interpretations.
Indeed I never conquered the skill
With the weapon being my pen.
Indeed I enter this battle

I will let the ink leave these impressions.
No, I am not here to make any impressions.
I’m just expressing, telling what I have oppressed.
Yes, I am just letting it pass by.

I will let you make your own conclusions.
Pardon me if I caused any confusions,
But I had to note.

Hope you take note not of what it says,
But of the mere fact that I had to note.
My picture is vague but perfectly clear.
So this is my message keep noting.
I had to.