I cast my eyes skyward
two fellows there are
rope-climbing up a tree
in the local Belthorn park

(a former hip-hopping park
body rock it was muralled
now cemented over it is
by the wall-owning inhabitant
perchance oblivious to history)

They practise with pulleys
the one showing the other
speaking foreign to my ears
so I don’t get them

I tell a youngster with me
that they’ve been here before
Heritage Day it was 2016
they said they go to assist
where there is no access

I applauded them back then
giving the thumbs-up
to their focus and dedication
(what a carbon footprint)

Up a tree they are
no electioneering
and the ritual
selling and trading
of souls lost or other

Up a tree they are

Sunday it was, out in the little village, 24 March 2019.