You’re not a dream
You’re not an angel
You’re an ordinary mortal
(like the rest of us voting fodder)

You’re not a king
(why do we still have them)
you’re just an ordinary humanoid
(so) accept our say

We’ll make a space for you
in your homestead and there
you should stay until it’s time
for you to go (someplace else)

Yes we are all different
Worlds apart we’re not the same
We laughed with you
(more often than not at you
during those habitual gaffes)

And played at the start
like in a game
(you honourables all
seem to need time to fit in)

You could have stayed outside
our hearts and minds but in you came
(you reap what you sow is it not)

And there you’ll probably stay
until the bloc resolves, it’s time
for you to go (someplace else)

Don’t ask why – it’s like that
Don’t ask how – what do we know
Don’t ask forever – please don’t

Just be grateful be thankful be glad
that you can still love us now
(you know how it is when friends fall)

This tolerance of ours has no beginning but it is at an end
(Once we were oaks but now we are so compliant)
And though we’ll never see you again
Here we’ll stay until it’s time for us to go