You made me whole before I realised
That I could fit in if I learned to embrace
You said nothing matters don’t count the size
You have shown enough empathy, stop to sympathise
You are my paradise
Your presence is well-timed
You are a savior in disguise
I understood everything from the look of your eyes
When all has been said and done
My happiness and joy cannot be traced
My life is far gone
My individuality cannot be defined
Everything about me is inexplicable
I am unaccompanied in this cruel world

You made promises to embrace my hand endlessly
In the end promises are just words
You made me believe you were the one
I thought you were the redeemer in masquerade
I cannot perceive my own voice
My body is wrecked
My heart is broken
My soul is tired
My mind is fatigued
Tears are gently sloping down my cheeks
I have no words to say
Finally, I am all over again, on square one
You made a fool out of me
Unfortunately my mouth is shuttered
I cannot say this in person
Tears in my eyes say it all