Do I have to prove that I
Loved you and you made me a fool
You had keys to my heart but so scarce was your touch

You were my guy
Every guy that came around I pulled out your pic or mentioned your name just so they knew my king

I thought with you I was free but no you clipped my wings
Your love was too little to be real
You put me behind your need.
I have never forgiven myself the
way I forgave you
It took the death of tears to let go.

Thanks to my friends their conversation killed the pain you created in my heart
What can I say? “Every broken heart learns to be whole again.”
You made me lose
I was drowning in moods

I couldn’t. ………….
You had the right tools to break me
I thought you’d change for the better
But I realized you lack love skills

I realised that you never hurt people who love you a lot
because they won’t hurt you back
but they’ll probably have no choice but to leave you forever.

You used me like cash, so carelessly
I’ve learned to live without you
Just like oxygen – I don’t inhale what I exhaled.