It was a Sunday, even so happy to receive a text from her,
Telling she’s coming!

Woke up to spoil her, cleaned my room, washed my work suits,
Went to Spar to find something I could spoil her with.

It was all so perfect, as I awaited her, I abstained from drinking and smoking,
Just wanted her to find me clean and sober.

She was so surprised and mind blown,
We had a good time and shared a chocolate
“So sweet and so in love!”

It was all good, until something happened.
She was so stressed, I couldn’t bear the pain of seeing this messed up.
I so love her so so much.

And all I wanna do is to keep her smiling,
“Mjolo’o bohloko!” Love hurt.

So all I wanted was to be different, just wanted to be a best boyfriend.

But I am glad she’s still saying “Babe!”
Well at least it gives me hope

If I lose her, I’ll go crazy!

Keneilwe one of the rare roses, one of a kind woman!

Love of my life!
Sweet lam lomkhuhlane