Love is blissful during the first few months
You used to stay and sleep alone, not anymore
You are now in love
Just like the ones you see around you

Who says love is blind
I don’t agree with those who believe it is so
If you could give me a reason
Or prove that it was so
I then applaud you

Love can see everything
It can even sense the time
When we are about on recess
We get dumped for no apparent reason
Our flaws are highlighted
We are dumped for stupid reasons
At some point,
She failed to mention I was her side dish
That friend with benefits

Students have lots of love to give
The kind that ends during recess
And resumes when we get back
That’s why I call it University Love

“I didn’t dump you because I don’t love you,
I have responsibilities at home”
These lines killed me
Or hurt the poor man badly
I don’t think so
I am tired of you “University of Limpopo Love”
For you are not real in every relationship

We then get rules
A list of the DOs and DONT’s
“Don’t call me after 19:00”
How so if you can call me when you are lonely?
Who is the fool?