We fell in love when we were kids.
Our bond was unbreakable.
The feelings we had were out if this world.
But strangely, we grew up apart.

The love kept growing stronger.
The bliss kept blossoming.
The fire made the passion keep burning.
I couldn’t believe you waited for me.

Your mother requested too much for the bridal price.
She had a stronger influence on you.
She whispered lies in your ears.
You were torn between me and her.
Eventually, you chose her over me.

Now that you are getting married.
To the person, you have zero love for.
I lead you to you alter, holding your hand.
Love will make you do strange things.
The love I had for you, I wanted to celebrate with you.
Although I died inside while I lead you to your room.

I could just let you go.
Because my feelings for you never perished.
They keep burning even now.
I wish I had a control that could switch off what I feel for you.

I am trying to move on and start a new life as well.
It’s only you that I see.
I need your love to move on.
They say time is a healer of pain, but it could not bring you back.
The fastest way to kill a person other than a bullet is to fall in love.
And have the one you put your hope, feelings and dreams on taken from you.
I love you and I gave you away to your new husband.
I was honouring your wishes.
The uniqueness of love is that the is no escaping it.
The only way is to go to the dam and drown there by myself.
You left my heart bleeding on the ground.