Ouh! Who am I? Where am I?
Oh I’m a stranger in strange place
I can’t breathe, I can’t see
Because darkness is all over my face
I turn left, I turn right
And I see nothing except my eyes longing for light

Yes, Nelson Mandela was once new
In a strange place called Robin Island
Many of us thought that this was his end
End of his wise words,
End of our wide world
What a great battle that he profoundly fought instead
What a remarkable struggle that this brave leader has led
Even today many of his lessons still need to be shared

Being new is being unique
Being new is temporarily accepting that you’re different
While you’re busy formulating your own philosophy
That will leave behind your permanent positive impact
Yes discomfort is brought about by being new
But comfort to this discomfort is brought about by
Remain on being you!
Being new in a strange place
Must not bring dullness on your face
Instead it must allow you to showcase
Your adjustment pace in any given space or place