I wish I grew up choosing
a way to live, losing
a life of being unfortunate.
Labour and wife’s preparations is what I ate
I grew up being unfortunate
Not that I was really poor, but you promise to terminate
being unfortunate, you get assistance
from a variety of people with patience.
I have a skill for development that’s the only fortunate
thing I have
High self-esteem is what I crave
to have every day
Depending upon other people
just didn’t make it simple.
Health issues depend on what we eat
I didn’t go to school but I did read
Even our neighbours are unfortunate
but that doesn’t subordinate
us one to the other.
That’s why I don’t have a role model
since I was a toddler.
Basic needs is what I’ve accepted I can’t have
but with little from my grant I learned to save
Stress and anxiety crushes my mom as she tries
but still cries
Yet nothing changes
’cause she’s really tried
I realised that being poor is expensive.