Tried to forget but
Your picture never leaves me
Your name is always on my tongue
Our memories play in my mind

Always looking for an inbox
Waiting for your message to pop in
But there’s nothing from you
Really, you have given up?

I miss you – your voice, your touch
Oh no, I just miss everything about you, boy
Don’t you love me?
If you do – you would have come back for me.

But I guess I get the message
Watching our love departing just kills me
Makes me live in regret
How could you move on so fast?

Did I even exist in your land?
Did you even notice that I’m gone?
Oh, maybe I didn’t even matter
You were just passing

Crying won’t bring you back, nor will living in the past
I know because I cried
Maybe our separation was a good start
Sometimes a bad ending is a good start