Why are you a problem in my life?
Why are you destroying all I saved in life?
What good are you to me and to humanity?
What fruits are you bringing to our lives?
Why are struggles always accompanied by you?
Why do I have to be a failure in my kids’ lives?

What good am I as a father when I’m unemployed?
What difference do I make to keep my family happy?
What support do I give to my children when I have nothing?
Why is it hard for you to just go away from my life? For I feel like nothing
Why do you have to take my lover away from me?
Why do my kids have to see me as not a father to them?

I try but you come over my life
You made me take on many debts to survive
I never did wrong to you but you gave me a label in life
You made my enemies see me as a nobody
Even those who thought they were my competition
They look at me as a failed competitor even though I was not competing with them
though I was living my life, not someone else’s life

You killed me, unemployment
For you gave other people something to entertain themselves with
You made me a fool and a failure in life
You tried to make me give up in life
But still I strive to stand for my children, so they can eat and dress
For they are the only reason I survive in this life
I hate you and I don’t need you in my life

Go away from me you devil agent
For you bring only suffering to my life
And you’re no good to my life
You’re a curse I never want to entertain,
So go out of my life you devil spirit agent,
You have no place in my life, for I live my God’s life