Eyes that could kill
Lips that could steal
Body that can entice
She had me imprisoned in her warm words and promises
We were flying and I was sky high on her love.
I never believed something so pure and sweet
Could turn so sour and have the most impure conclusion possible.

I’m like a police dog searching for the evidence.
My mind telling me the truth but my heart hiding
It because you course through my veins.
My mind won the battle and my heart died right there.

I started missing her like the morning that
Never came, dark clouds but no real rain.
She became so far but still near
Until I found the lies hidden between her canines,
She cheated with exception, more than a pro gambler.

I guess our love was weaker than her lust for him.
She tore to shreds, edited my mindset, deleted
My feeling and controlled my emotions.

Love lost,
Feelings went radar negative,
And to fine pieces this heart was broken.

Lies came out
Time ran out
Trust dried out
What was full of trust
Became an ocean of doubts