My life was meaningless
Without her love living was useless
With the world I became bored
But my hopes were not buried

The world looked envious
Day and night I looked up
For answers I sought
But my hopes were not buried

I thought I lost everything
Every day wished for her presence
I couldn’t refrain from stress
But my hopes were not buried

Little by little I came to understand
That life isn’t only one’s sweet song
In Him I left everything
And my hopes were in Him

He is my Redeemer
The mender of my broken heart
He consoled my grief
And made me someone special.
Despite struggles
I remained vigilant in Him
My hopes were so high
Because he is my Redeemer.

I rejoice because of Him
And my life is now full of unpredictable miracles
Everything is smoothly
Because I kept my trust and hopes in Him